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Our Next Reunion

Lets make the next reunion another success and have a large turnout.   Be sure to tell any classmates you keep in touch with about this site, and have them register so we can notify everyone about the next reunion and other events 

Enjoy our New Jersey rockers
Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes
along with Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven
" It´s been a long time" 




Top Reasons To Not Attend the Next Reunion

Excuse #1: I've gained a lot of weight!   
Rebuttal:  Look around!!  I doubt any of us could get back into our jeans from high school any more.   

Excuse #2:  I'm a different person than I was in high school

Rebuttal: Lucky for you, we ALL are. Let's face it: we could only have improved.

Excuse #3:   I don't look as good as I'd like.
I (choose one or more) am bald, have wrinkles, saddlebags, grey hair and no one will recognize me.
Rebuttal: Guess what! You won't recognize anyone else, either. Using the reunion committee as a representative sample, our whole class looks like a "before" photo in a plastic surgery ad.

Excuse #3: I'm not successful.

I'm not (choose one or more) a lawyer, a doctor or rich.
Rebuttal: You'll be pleasantly surprised to find how much everyone has matured. We may be plump and wrinkled (see Excuse #3, above) but we're not stupid. Money is not success.

Excuse #4: I was not in a popular clique in school
Rebuttal: Now that we're older and smarter, those cliques have dissolved just like the superficialities they were based on. The only cliques you'll notice at the reunion will be the sound of your joints as you walk around.